SnTT.gifI always try to make it obvious to users which fields are obligatory, and which are not. In the early days I did it (like many of you) by putting a special icon in front of a field. Lately I've been doing it by changing the background color of a field:
Image:Computed backgrounds
Did you notice the absence of those ugly field delimiters !
I use table cells, and color the background.

Now, let's get creative. Make 2 shared images. Each with a 1x1 pixel image. The first 'normal.gif' with the default color, the second 'special.gif' with the obligatory color.
Put a multi-value field 'Obligatory' at the top of the form, containing the names of the obligatory fields.
Now use a computed cell image. e.g.for the Company table cell:
Important note: make sure the image formula computes to an existing image, or you might end up with an error or worse, a red box of death !

Too bad there is no @ThisNameParagraph, to get to the name of the (first) field in the paragraph.
@ThisValueParagraph might be useful too, e.g. in hide when formulas.
You can use the same 'Obligatory' field to do the field checking upon Querysave (or in a classic Input validation formula).

BTW. There is one place I still need to use field delimiters, and that's when a field is of type 'Dialog List'.
Image:Computed backgrounds
The reason: I want to show the 'entry helper button', and strangely enough, when you switch of 'Show field delimiters', the 'entry helper button' disappears too !
Too bad, as there is a separate 'Display entry helper button' checkbox. It should not be related !

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