Last week we've visited a local Art Club's exhibition, as a friend of ours is one of the artists contributing every year. We have been looking for a nice piece of art for our living room for some time now, and finally we found something we both liked.
The title of the painting is 'Crime Scene' (no translation, as it was named in English), from an artist called Ludo Vermeulen.
It shows a beheaded rooster, spot-painted on canvas (140x100 cm).
The back side (yes indeed !) shows the 'unaware' hens, behind a chicken wire fence.
Here's a picture of the front and the back.
Image:Crime Scene Image:Crime Scene
The painting is going to hang onto a wall, so the back will not be visible, but it's certainly very original.
Hope we won't get tired of our red rooster ;-)

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