SnTT.jpgI needed to sort a list, based on a user-defined sorting order.
You see this kind of sorting also in Excel
(look in 'Options' and 'Custom Lists' to see examples).
@Sort has, as of version 6, a great new way of custom sorting.
Look at the following example:



@Member($A;Order) < @Member($B;Order);-1;
@Member($A;Order) > @Member($B;Order);1;

@Prompt([OK];"Sort based on List";
"Unsorted: "+@Implode(Unsorted;", ")+
"Sorted: "+@Implode(Sorted;", ")

Give it a try: paste the code above in an agent and run it:
Image:Custom Sorting
Note that "TTT" does not occur in the Order-list, and since @Member returns a 0 when the value is not found, "TTT" will show up first in the sorted list.
Pretty neat, isn't it ?

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