Image:Database icons are importantOne of the first things I do after creating a new database for a customer, is design the Icon !
I see so many database carrying the same (old) original Notes icons.
I truly believe it is important to have an icon for the users' favorites and/or workspace that is preferably: catchy, recognizable, somewhat unique, and tailored.
It's the first impression the user has of your 'work'.
We all know the current (and 15 year old !) icon editor is clumsy and very limited.
Isn't this part of the challenge too ?
You don't have to be a graphical wizard (I know I'm not), just be creative!
There are some Notes icon databases that have been going around for years, and they do contain a fair amount of icons, but most of them are old or just plain ugly. I've used (and often adapted) some of those icons too. You can also google for 'small' images, and sometimes you are lucky. Most of the time I start up my favorite image editor (Fireworks in case you wonder), and make an icon there. Limiting the number of colors, and pasting it into the Notes Icon editor for finetuning.
On Idea Jam there are multiple request for improving Icon-support, and I promoted them all. For now, we have to live with it.
Here's some icons I did:
(note that I often try to add the customers logo too, as it's rather appreciated)

Image:Database icons are important

Care to share your own custom database icon designs too ?
I'll be watching your blog !

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