Can you imagine this (it knocked my socks off):
Each blogger (in Belgium) is legally obliged to register

and pay 25 EUR to a privacy committee !

This is almost literally translated from the following Dutch article:
Whomever runs a blogging site, should, according to the letter of the law, register, and pay 25 euros to the privacy committee.

It is the law on the protection of privacy. It applies to almost all sites or blogs with a response form or a visitor counter. The privacy committee, the organization that ensures compliance with privacy laws in our country, is not planning a crusade. But they say that it is indeed a loophole in the law.

The reaction form which can be found on thousands of sites, seems to be the biggest clincher for the law. Such a form is covered by the electronic collection and processing of data, even when someone voluntarily fills it in. Also a script that counts the number of visitors falls under the law, once the IP addresses is visible to the administrator.

It's a law dating from 1992 (slightly revised in 2001).
Fines up to a 100K EUR can apply.
In France a similar law exists, but bloggers have been excluded.

Does something similar exist in YOUR country ??

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