Wijnkennis (WineKnowledge)The previous 'Italian Wine' lesson introduced
Italy in general.
This time we covered the North-West of Italy: Valle d'Aosta, Liguria, Lombardia and the famous Piemonte, where Nebbiolo is king.
Again, we learned a lot during the theoretical part of the evening. I was really amazed about the number of DOCG and DOC for these regions, on top of the staggering amount of indigenous grape varietals. We tasted a pretty good Franciacorte, some basic whites, one bad Dolcetta (slightly corky smell), a decent Barbaresco and one exquisite Sforzato di Valtellina. Why are most of these superior wines so expensive?
These are the wines we tasted:

An OK bubble from Franciacorta

A simple white from the Gavi DOCG, based on Cortese (we expected better)

A rather unripe Arneis from the Roero

A corky/musty Dolcetta d'Alba from Piemonte. Should have been fruity.

A Langhe Nebbiolo. OK, but missing body.

A Barbaresco, with a funny 'paint' smell, but great taste. Over 37 EUR.

The 'star' of the evening, not from Piemonte, but from Lombardia: a Sforzato di Valtellina. Exquisitely complex. 42.5 EUR, and 15.5 % Alc.!

Lemonade with a bit of alcohol (5%). Not my thing

Interesting evening again. Next time: North-East Italy.
Can't wait to taste a Lagrein Reserva again. Only 6 more nights :-)

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