SnTT.gifIf you haven't done so already, head over to Idea Jam asap. You can now register to post a new idea yourself, and can give your thoughts on other people's (great or not so great) ideas. I love it, and love the idea Bruce Elgort had a couple of months ago. He and some of the greatest Notes-minds created an easy to use, but very useful tool, that no doubt will give us a better Notes (development) experience in the future as IBM is listening in too.

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Another reason to dig into Idea Jam, is that you can learn from it too, as people comment on certain ideas.
I give you an example:
Haven't you been frustrated for years because that pesky properties dialogbox pops up every time you open a view in design mode, even if you closed it before.
Well, it turns out that you can disable it by just adding
  • DesignNoInitialInfoBox=1
to your notes.ini.
Thanks Voytek Wicinski for this great tip.
My hair wouldn't have been so gray if I had known this sooner!

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