LS2009I know, I should have attended BDD (Business Development Day), are at least a few of the Jumpstart sessions. I didn't and never have!
On a Sunday at LS I have only 2 items on my schedule: shopping and partying. The classical Pool Party (I know I should call it 'Welcome Reception') this year had a prequel:
Image:Lotusphere 2009: Day 0: SundayThe Turtle himself had a special session called
'The Turtle's Guide to LS'.
The room was packed, most of the Notes intimae occupied the front rows.
Scott (the Turtle) started off great, and invited some guests like Bruce, Matt, Libby and Bill.
We all had a great time.

Image:Lotusphere 2009: Day 0: SundayThen we were all off the to the Pool Party. The tent at the Swan wasn't there for the first time in history! Overall it lacked the theme 'ambience' we had other years.
But I certainly enjoyed every minute of it, as I encountered one known face after the other.
A lot of people asked for and got a 'Read my Blog' button: Andy Donaldson, Yancy Lent, Chris Blatnik, Mitch Cohan, Bob Balaban, Paul Mooney, The Turtle, Warren Elsmore, Tim Tripcony, Denny Russell, Viktor Krantz, Math White, Mary Beth Raven, Devin Olson, Keith Brooks, Nathan Freeman, Andrew Pollack, Gregory Engels,...

Image:Lotusphere 2009: Day 0: SundayDuring the early after-party, Devin finally got hold of a bottle of Lotus-water. Nathan thanked Ray for being so generous and explained to him that 911 owned part of the water, as being a sponsor.

Boy, it feels good to be back.

Tomorrow, the real LS starts.
Let's see what it has in store...

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