LS2011I know I normally write a blogpost every day at Lotusphere #LS11. But I got 3 good reasons why I haven't written anything for these past couple of days:

  • I'm getting older, so I need more sleep
  • If I had less beer/wine, I would still be reasonably 'fit' at 1am
  • If there weren't so many friends I like to talk too, I would get to my room sooner

Anyway, let's start with day -1, Saturday
Up early to catch my flight, arrived in the Dolphin around 21h. Registered, and got my badge and (rather small) backpack. No 'Lotus Software' being mentioned anywhere. Immediately off to the ESPN to hug, kiss and drink. Always great to see so many familiar (and new) people.

Day 0, Sunday

Went to the Opening General Session (OGS) of Business development day. Not my cup of tea: sales and a little bit of marketing talk.
Hardly heard or seen the words 'Lotus' or 'Domino'. Seeing a trend coming here!
As Sunday is my only 'free' day, I went shopping. Thanks for the company, Marnix.
At 18h I started queuing for the Pool Party (officially called the Welcome Reception).
Met Barry Sanders from Ernst & Young Australia again. Nice chap. This party is always cool, because you meet so many people, in a relax atmosphere. The food was OK, and the red wine was pretty good, so I had a few (too much?). Around 21h you get thrown out (gently). Off to Kimonos. 1 more drink (really!), and some very good karaoke singers on stage. Paul Withers and Jess Stratton were/are my favorites. Tired, jet lagged, and a tiny bit drunk I went to bed, for a rather sleepless night.

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