LS2011Day 2, Tuesday
Woke up at 5h, so had 3 hours of sleep. Shower, dress, started writing these blogposts, and then off to the Swan, for my first Lotusphere #LS11 gig ever, a BOF re. LUGs, with Warren Elsmore. Initially scheduled for Wednesday, and moved to Tuesday on the printed schedule, but not on LS Online. No wonder we only had 7 people. But it sure was cozy ànd informative. Because we think some people will show up tomorrow, we decided to have a BOF repeat. Probably the first ever at LS. So up early again :-(

Went to the ’social' keynote, and sat next to Rob Novak in the Bloggers den: very comfy sofas indeed! Mike Rhodin and Jon Iwata were having a panel talk. Yes, another panel, but this time without much teleprompting, so a very 'natural' conversation.
Off to some tech stuff. Julian Robichaux had a very content-rich structured presentation about feeds. Great job, very useful.
Maureen Leland and Tim Tripcony hacked the Designer 'gently'! If this is what they call gently, I'm afraid to see them 'dig deep'! But is certainly showed the flexibility and extensibility of the Designer/Eclipse.
The XPages extension library is an incredible versatile toolbox, tripling the number of controls in XPages. Check it out on OpenNTF.
Next up: a business session given by a Belgian partner re. a thing they did for BASF. Only went in to wish Keno luck.
Paul Withers and David Leedy gave us a great insight in the mojo of DOJO! Good job guys.
At 5.30 my 'evening' began:

  • The Penumbra Ice cream Tuesdae. Extremely good but filling shakes
  • Teamstudio Spotlight Award reception: beer, food, guitar hero and good company
  • NY area IBM Reception at the Y&B hotel. Had a chat with a lot of IBM people re. EY. Saw THE Brian Chang, but lost sight of him, before I could thank him personally for his superb appearance at the OGS
  • Great Geek Challenge in the Fountain restaurant: Loads of fun, very though questions, cool stuff to be won (e.g. a Magic Harry Potter wand (aka a remote). Thank you organizers and sponsors.
  • Spanky's Brewery: sampled 2 of Spanky's own beer brews. Very decent material. Especially the 'White' beer: "Your's may be bigger, but mine's better"
I also should have gone to a BBQ (which I'm sure was awesome), and to the Aussi party, but enough is enough. Sorry guys, maybe next time.
Off to bed at half past midnight (really !).

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