LS2011Day 3: Wednesday
Had to wake up early again. We did a repeat BOF session re. Organizing a Lotus User Group event at 7am. Eileen was so kind as to replace Warren (he had another BOF). A few people turned up again. Had no breakfast :-(
Next up was the keynote about the future of Social Business. The intro by Andrew MacAfee was very good. I'm going to follow him on twitter (@amcafee).
They certainly ’advertised' other IBM software products: Cognos, Case Management and Rational. Next year this conference will be called 'IBM SoftwareSphere'. Now that's my prediction. Irene Greif made some predictions too. I really like here CrowdSourcing2 ideas. Went to the Innovation lab, as I do every year, to check out the research stuff they are doing. I saw some cool stuff (e.g. the Crowdsurfing iPhone app in beta phase).
I spent some time on the show floor again, and met mostly happy vendors: "It's not crowded, but we got some good leads".
Jess Stratton's presentation on setting up a server for developers, was very well structured and enlightening. Good job. I definitely took something away from this.
The session on XPages Expression Language was not that good. Sorry guys, rehearse this first, and/or try to speak at a LUG to get rid of this stage-fright.
Next up: a life recording of one of my favorite podcasts: This week in Lotus. Hilarious sometimes, serious too. Overall a very nice finish for the day.
Kudos for Stuart and Darren for providing this weekly. Much appreciated.
As usual on Wednesday evening; we went to a park. This year it was Island of Adventure, mainly because of the new theme: Harry Potter. Spent the whole evening with Barry Sanders from Australia. Great company, great rides: the Hulk, Spiderman, Jurassic park, Hogwarths Castle and the Dragons. Absolutely amazing.
Quick visit to Kimonos. I was really tired though, so off to bed (barely managed to get this blogpost out the door).
Cu l8r #LS11.

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