Image:Mac Book Pro: Finally got it !After 7 weeks (yes, 7 weeks !) of waiting, my brand new Mac Book Pro 15" arrived today. I'm a happy guy.

Now the horrible part: Installation

  • Boot Camp: version 1.3 beta supports most of the Macbook Pro's hardware
  • Windows Vista Business: Yes I know, I shouldn't, but we can't go on forever with XP
  • Parallels 3.0: Allows me to start up windows from within the Mac OS
  • Notes 7.02: too bad 7.03 is not out yet (although 7.02 it's not officially approved for Vista, I have not seen particularly grave problems with customers of mine)
  • All other stuff I use a lot: MS Office 2003 & 2007, Firefox with extensions, Fireworks, EditPad Pro, ...
  • Transfer all data
Of course, I'll need to install stuff on the Mac OS as well, but as this is partially new to me (I used to work with Macs from 1984 (yes indeed) until around 1999) it's a bit more fun too.

I'll let you know how it all goes.

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