Image:New Toy, New Joy: a 27" iMacAs I wanted more screen real estate to do decent XPages development, I just couldn't resist this beauty.
An incredibly huge and bright 27" screen (2560x1440 !!).
I installed Parallels and Windows 7.
Notes 8.5.1 development won't be the same again !

To put things in perspective, I took a picture of my new setup:

Image:New Toy, New Joy: a 27" iMac
Look at the 'small' 15" Macbook Pro, and my previous 'big' 19" screen on the left !
The same XPage is open on both machines on the right.
Notice that I haven't even gone to full screen mode on the iMac...

Still got so much to explore, learn and install, but I have to leave for the NLLUG event in Amsterdam today.
Hope my new toy is still there on Saturday ;-)

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