As of version 3 of Excel (we're now at version 12 !), a feature was introduced that's not only unappreciated, but hard to find too.
It's called Camera. Customize your toolbar and add the little camera icon to it.

  • in Excel 2003:
    Image:Snapshot-pictures in Excel
  • in Excel 2007:
    Image:Snapshot-pictures in Excel
Now you're ready to take pictures !
Here's how it works:
  • First select part of the screen you are interested in:
    Image:Snapshot-pictures in Excel
  • Click the Camera icon. Your cursor changes into a crosshair.
  • Then go to another sheet or to a different part of the sheet, and select with the crosshair cursor the top-left corner of the location were you want the snapshot to appear:
    Image:Snapshot-pictures in Excel
Notice that your initial selection turned into a 'picture' of the original. You can put it anywhere you want AND it stays linked !
So changing something (values, formatting, ...) in the original, changes it in the picture too ! Even changing column or row widths adapt the size of the picture.
I use this feature mostly for bringing together info from multiple sheet into a sort of 'overview' sheet.
BTW: resizing the picture will not increase the selection range, but will effectively stretch the picture:
Image:Snapshot-pictures in Excel
Let me know if you think this is useful.

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