Image:Snow Leopard, BootCamp 3.0, Windows 7: it all worksI received my Snow Leopard update yesterday by UPS, the day it was suppose to be launched. Kudos to Apple. Installing Snow Leopard was a breeze. My MacBook Pro certainly feels snappier. Startup time is about the same. Shutdown time is much faster. I gained 10 Gb after installation ! Haven't played with it much yet.
I read that a new version of Boot Camp was included too. As I have Windows 7 RC installed on a partition, and I usually work in Windows this way, I was hoping that this new Boot Camp version would bring me back some things that didn't work any more. Installing the Boot Camp software was a bit of a pain: it took ages (during the Intel installation part, the computer went to a crawl, but I let it continue anyway, and was rewarded). After restarting, I got all the goodies back, and more:

  • Keyboards lights work again
  • Screen brightness and sound level can be changed from the function keys again
  • I can now finally single tap the trackpad for clicking
  • And I can access the Macintosh volume (any HFS volume by the way), but only in read mode
I've been using Windows 7 RC for a couple of months now, and I'm really happy with it. Very stable, very fast, not memory hungry at all (compared to Vista).
A Mac with Windows 7 and Boot Camp (3.0) is a great experience.

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