One of the coolest features in Excel is Pivot Tables. You probably use them frequently, because of their ease of use, flexibility, and incredible speed.
Still a lot of its powers remains hidden.
I'm going to talk about 'grouping' in this post, as I notice it is hardly used.
Let's start with a basic data set:
Image:Grouping in Pivot Tables
A simple pivot table turns it into something more useful:
Image:Grouping in Pivot Tables
What do we need to do some grouping? Only the Group an Ungroup hidden inside the PivotTable menu (on the Pivot-toolbar), or in the Data-menu:
Image:Grouping in Pivot Tables
I'm going to show you 3 ways of using this grouping.
1) Grouping Items

2) Grouping Dates

3) Grouping Numbers

As you can see, there is remarkable power hidden in Pivot Tables. Use it !

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