Image:How YOU got started with Notes: Hall of FameLast week I blogged about How I got into Notes in 1993. It's been amazing to see how this topic spread across the Notes blogging community.
I tried/try to keep track of this hall of fame:
Ed Brill, Tim Tripcony, Cristian D'Aloisio, Kathleen McGivney, Nathan T. Freeman, Karl-Henry Martinsson, Carl Tyler, The Turtle, Mick Moignard, John D. Head, Ed Maloney, Steve McDonagh, Richard Schwartz, Susan Bulloch, Bruce Elgort, Keith Brooks, Florian Vogler, Denny Russell, Kevin Kanarski, Tommy Valand, Theo Heselmans, Volker Weber, Thomas Duff, Andrew Pollack, Mary Beth Raven, Ben Langhinrichs, Vaughan Rivett, Bill Buchan, Stephan H. Wissel, Corey, Warren Elsmore, Andy Pedisich, Chuck Dean, Rocky Oliver, Guy Wakely, Jörg Michael, Phil Randolph, Yancy Lent, Keith Smillie, Alexander Kluge, Pedro Quaresma, Michael Smelser, Per Henrik Lausten, Ben Poole, Patrick Kwinten, John Kingsley, Kevin Pettitt, ...
Around 40 already ! Many others told their story in blog comments.
Did I forget you or someone else ? Most probably.
Let me know, I'll update the list.

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