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Ever since I played the original Prince of Persia, a long time ago, I've had it for 'well-designed' games. I got these periods in my live I seem to spend every spare hour to gaming. I digged into my memory to find all the 'important games' I played extensively
(I grouped them by type, as the list grew too long):
(Notice that I made wikipedia links of the 'jargon', as some of you might be mystified otherwise)

  • Adventure: Prince of Persia (1 & 2), Cosmic Osmo, Myst, 7th Guest, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
  • FPS: Marathon, Doom 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Half-Life (1&2), UnReal II
  • RPG: Diablo II (and expansions), Dungeon Siege, Divine Divinity
  • Sim: Need for Speed, Trackmania Sunrise, SimCity
I never 'groked' (this is NOT a games-term) games like Ages of Empire, StarCraft, WarCraft, even though I've played them during many small LAN-party-evenings some guys at a company I worked for held regularly. I'm also not into MMOs, like WoW.
About 5 years ago I subscribed to a game magazine 'to keep up'. I can really enjoy the reviews and screenshots, and marvel at the UI (and HUD) creative minds bring about.
The games I enjoy most however are RPGs, but specifically the 'hack-and-slash' variety. As I got my new MacBook Pro, which contains a pretty powerful nVidia 8600 graphical processor, I downloaded a Dungeon Siege II demo which was finished before I knew it (I took me several hours). Yesterday, while shopping I noticed a game I read about and which got very good reviews. It was a bargain too. It's called 'Titan Quest' (incl. expansion), and it's a beauty. The ideal Diablo II clone, with more up to date graphics. Original: No; Fun: you bet !
So I'm hooked again!
My wife is not amused, as I should be preparing/reading up for our Mexican Maya trip end of next week.

Which games are you game for ?

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