Image:In the Newspaper again !2 weeks ago, my family in law surprised me by telling I was on the back cover of the local newspaper 'Nieuwsblad van Geel'. And indeed, I was, together with my classmates from the 6th Latin-Science class in 1977 in a college in Geel. Brought back great memories. The editors of the newspaper managed to get the names of everyone, and even got the education and current info for most.
For me they said: 'He went into IT and is a wine-connoisseur'. If this is how I go into the history books, I can live with that ;-)

Image:In the Newspaper again !

In case you wonder why most of us are wearing this silly cap: we wanted to revive an old student-ritual, and at the same time wanted to stand out in the crowd (and get more girls !).
Great times.

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