Alex, a former colleague of mine is helping out people in Gambia. Every year he collects stuff to ship to them by filling (part) of a container. He goes there (with his family) to distribute the goods themselves, so you know it's all given directly to those who need it most.
This year he asked for the usual stuff like cloths, baby-things, shoes, toys,..., but what caught my eye was that he also asked for backpack and football gear.
So here you go: I got a whole bunch of Lotusphere (and other) backpack laying around on my attic, and I still have some leftover BLUG T-shirts (which would make any football/soccer team proud). I'm packing them today.
I'm going to ask Alex to take some pictures of kids wearing Lotusphere backpacks. It's a sight we're used to see in Orlando, but it will be quite an eye-catcher in Gambia !
Here's a link to their site (in Dutch), in case you want to help too:

Now I need to pack myself: I'm going to ILUG in Belfast :-)

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