Me, 2-3 years oldYes it's true: I've turned fifty today, and the world kept spinning :-)
It might be a milestone for me, but a non-event for most of the galaxy.
Nevertheless, reaching 50 started me thinking (a but more than I usually do).
When I look back I realize how blessed I've been. I could complain or weep, but I'm just grateful for those past 50 years.
I've met some amazing people, and I still do every day. I've learned so much, and I'm glad I can pass it on to others.

Here's a list of what I consider milestones in my live:

  • 1960: (Feb 7th) was born in my home town Tessenderlo, Belgium at 1.50h (am)
  • 1977: played with a computer for the first time (a Tandy TRS-80)
  • 1982: got married to Hilde (almost 28 years now: thanks love)
  • 1983: bought my first computer (an Apple IIe)
  • 1983: got my degree as an Industrial Engineer (focus on IT)
  • 1984: bought my first Macintosh (a Macintosh 512K)
  • 1985: started using MS Excel
  • 1987: co-founded a company called Gnosis (still exists today as Merant)
  • 1988: bought a house in Olen, Belgium (still living there)
  • 1993: started working for Vers a Versa
  • 1993: learned about Lotus Notes for the first time
  • 1995: went to my first Lotusphere in Orlando (15th time in 2010)
  • 1998: got bitten by the wine bug (thanks for that, Yves)
  • 2001: started my own company: Xceed (should have done this sooner)
  • 2007: started blogging and got introduced to the Lotus community
  • 2009: got involved in the BLUG
  • 2010: turned fifty

Do you agree that these are milestones ?
Have you got some that could apply to me too, and I should have mentioned ?
What are important milestones for you ?
Let me know.

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