SnTT.gifI finally took some time in between gaming (and having a life ;-) to write a technical blogpost. It's longer then I initially anticipated, but I hope you like it. Yes I know it's not a Thursday, but I started it that day :-)

Wouldn't it be great if you could 'generate' something like this in a Notes document:
Image:Making Rich Text richer by using HTML
I hear you thinking: That's easy.
Yes, you can do something like this in a view, but here's the twist: the above is dynamically generated inside a rich text field on a document using HTML and CSS.
Below is the outline of the work involved, step by step. If you want to dive into the code and play with it, you'll find a link to the final app at the bottom of this post.
1) Building the UI

2) Adding, Editing an Deleting a Task
3) Generating and importing the HTML

There are a couple of drawbacks to this HTML-import method:
  • You have to be in edit mode, as the import is done in the UI.
    I posted the idea in Idea Jam to be able to do the import in the back-end.
    Please promote this idea, as I hope you can see the advantage.
  • Notes does not support all HTML/CSS, so you have to do some testing before it looks the way you want
Is know there are other ways of doing this: e.g. using DXL (might be a topic for a future post), or by using the Midas rich text LSX.
Anyway, I hope this will inspire you to do crazy stuff with HTML too.

Here's the link to the test database:

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