LS2011Remember my delight at Lotusphere 2009,
when winning the Teamstudio Spotlight Award.
This year Teamstudio does it again, for the 4th time !
Image:Spotlight Award 2011: Listen to the Taking Notes podcast, and then enter the contestBruce Elgort, Julian Robichaux from the Taking Notes Podcast invited me to their most recent podcast (episode 129).
Teamstudio's Craig Schumann and Karen Frasca join in too.

Have a listen, as the Taking Notes podcast is exactly the reason I joined the contest myself.

If you've created an incredible Lotus Notes application, then show the world you're a great developer !
You just have to explain the application
(and if you're one of the finalists, you have to demonstrate it over the web).
This means that also in-house developed apps are eligible !
eSurvey, the application I won with,
was developed for a customer of mine (who gave their approval).

These are the considerations for the Teamstudio Spotlight Award:
1.        Complexity of task performed
2.        Degree of automation
3.        Size of user community
4.        Business value

Beside making yourself (and/or your company/customer) look good, you get eternal fame, win some cool stuff, and walk away with all the great tools of Teamstudio.
So what are you waiting for:
Submit your great application
! You got until December 31th.

Here's the infopage from Teamstudio, with all the details.

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