LS2009Remember I told you that I managed to get an entry submitted for the Teamstudio Spotlight Award 2009.
Well, it turned out I was one of the 3 finalists !
Just incredible !
Image:Spotlight Award: walking on cloudsI got a phone call from Lindsay informing me about this 10 days ago,
followed by a webex demo for the judges last Monday.
Tonight at the Teamstudio Reception in the Dolphin,
the finalists were announced for the public
(that's why I couldn't talk/brag about this sooner).

I actually ended up being the winner

and I'm extremely proud !!!

Kudos to the other finalists. You guys did great.
Image:Spotlight Award: walking on clouds
Thanks to Teamstudio for organizing this event.
This award makes it possible for developers, otherwise hardly known for doing a great job, to get in the spotlight for once.
Thanks to the judges too. I can imagine it's not easy picking out the 'best' applications/developers among all submitted entries.

If you doubted entering this contest: don't.
Submit your entry next year, for your 5 minute glory.

Updated: More info about the winning app.

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