Image:UKLUG and BLUG: ThanksImage:UKLUG and BLUG: ThanksLast week I've been in Edinburgh for UKLUG. Not only was it a great event, but Edinburgh was a very lovely city to visit !
What can I say about UKLUG but confirm what most other have already said: perfect organization, great speakers, good food, and nice company. It was really fun to meet so many friends again.
I'll try to summarize with some pictures:

Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Bob Picciano himself ! Much Appreciated.
Ron Sebastian did a smooth demo afterwards.
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Rob Novak offered everyone a 'Edradour' Scotch,
and a great 'user' tool too. Tx Rob.
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
The cutest booth babe !?
Or is it the one on the right ?
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Eh, I think not.
Sorry Bill, cute: yes, babe: not really !
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Maureen is proud, and rightly so !
DDE 8.5.1 is just wonderful !
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
After the Speed Sponsoring !
The evening 'session' hadn't even begun !
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Steve wanted everyone to try Rob's 'Martini'.
Willingly or not !
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Matt White's session about Xpages
was definitely one of my favorites. I learned a lot.
Image:UKLUG and BLUG: Thanks
Bill and Steve, the Hairy Bikers.
Major fun AND informative !

As you can see, everyone had a blast. Thanks Warren and Kitty, and all 'helpers' and sponsors.

Yesterday (Oct. 13th) we, the BLUG (Belux Lotus User Group), had our own meeting.
More than 80 people showed up. Thanks for coming !
Mary Beth Raven herself was our guest speaker. She was her energetic self, so her presentation was highly appreciated.
You can find out more on our BLUG site:

2 weeks from now, I go to Amsterdam. Looks like NLLUG is going to be a great 2 day event too.
Hope to see some of you there !

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