Image:When Abraham meets PetrusNo, I haven't been to the pearly gates, but I've been close to heaven and met Saint Peter (Petrus).
Let me explain.
Last Thursday evening I organized a party for my 50th birthday. Over 80 customers, friends and family showed up at the Cordoba'r, a Moorish tapas bar in Antwerp, Belgium. I had a great time, and I had the impression most of my guests enjoyed themselves too.
Image:When Abraham meets Petrus
I received some cool gifts of the fluid type:
excellent wines, champagnes, whisky's, beers (how come people know I like this stuff;-).
But also a helicopter flight, flown by Peter himself (just learning to fly!). Some beautiful books, DVDs, gift cards... I even got my first vine !
The bottle I was most thrilled about was a Chateau Petrus 1960. This chateau in Pomerol (Bordeaux, France) is a legend by itself. Receiving a bottle like this from your year of birth is nothing short of a miracle! 1960 was a lousy year in Bordeaux for reds (weird, as both 1959 and 1961 were just excellent). I do not intent to drink it though, but you can touch it if you happen to pass by ;-)
So, to all people who wished me a happy birthday, via my blog, skype, phone, LinkedIn, sms (text) or in the flesh:
THANK YOU ! I'm truly blessed

Here are some pictures of the party,
and here are some Photo Booth 'warped' photo's too.

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