Image:Hades is dead, next pleaseRemember I told you some time ago I was playing an RPG called 'Titan Quest' (with extension 'Immortal Throne'). After have some technical troubles initially, I picked it up again last month, and finally managed to finish the game last night.

  • I loved it because the game had great graphics and sound with an immersing experience, recalling good old 'Diablo' days and nights.
  • I hated it because it was rather repetitive, because some (2) bosses were impossible to kill (OK, I cheated), but above all because I know I 'lost' too much time (obsessively) playing it.
Oh well, reading books instead would have filled that time-gap too,
and at least I had lots of fun.
Now here's trouble: I've been waiting eagerly for a game to be released from the original makers of Diablo called 'Hellgate London'. And it's out now. It should arrive in my mailbox early next week. It got rather mixed reviews, so that's a bit disappointing.
I know that as soon as I start playing it however, I'll be a bird for the cat !

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